Tolga Tanguler, Country Manager of Pfizer in Denmark and Iceland, will take on new global position at Pfizer HQ in New York in April 2014

Pfizer is pleased to announce that Tolga Tanguler, Country Manager of Pfizer in Denmark and Iceland, has accepted a new senior executive position as Vice President in Global Marketing & Commercial Development at Pfizer’s HQ in New York, where he will focus on Eliquis (Apixaban), a novel anti-coagulant developed and marketed in cooperation between Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer. He will start in his new position in April 2014.

In his reaction to the appointment Tolga stated that: “After two wonderful years in Denmark, and a total of six years in Europe, I am excited to return to NYC, and I am honored to be offered such a challenging new position at HQ.”

He also added: “It has been a privilege to work with the superbly professional team of Pfizer Denmark and I have much respect for the dedicated work that is being done in Lif, DI and AmCham to improve the conditions of the industry in close dialogue with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders. The Danish Government’s effort to develop and implement a growth strategy in cooperation with the pharmaceutical and medtech industries is a best-practice example of how governments can partner with industry to benefit patients and healthcare professionals and create jobs and new investment opportunities.”

In November 2013, Tolga Tanguler was appointed Country Manager of Pfizer in Denmark and Iceland and Head of the newly formed Global Innovative Pharma Business Unit in Pfizer ApS that is responsible for sales of Enbrel, Eliquis, Benefix, Re-Facto, Genotropin, Somavert and Champix. He is a member of DI’s Committee for Health Policy and the Health Care Committee with AmCham in Denmark.

He joined Pfizer in Denmark in February 2012 as Head of the Specialty Care Business Unit with a strong focus on Pfizer’s portfolio of hospital sector medicine and the pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar 13.

He will continue with his responsibilities with Pfizer in Denmark until early April, and will work with the Pfizer regional and global management teams to identify his successor.

For further information, please contact Country Manager Tolga Tanguler or Hans-Jacob Randskov, Sr. Manager, Public Affairs, at telephone 44 20 11 00.

Short bio: Tolga Tanguler
A native of Istanbul, Tolga Tanguler, completed his MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. Before joining the pharmaceuticals industry, he worked as a management consultant in California and Japan.  He started his pharmaceutical career at MSD and Sanofi in the US, before he joined Pfizer in 2003 in NY Headquarters. In the following 7 years, Tolga undertook a number of assignments in Pfizer’s US and global organization, including a position as Regional Marketing Director for Canada, Latin America and Africa & the Middle-East. In 2007 Tolga was appointed Head of Specialty Care with Pfizer Finland, where he led the Wyeth integration into Pfizer. Tolga Tanguler holds both Turkish and US citizenships.